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Providing freedom of movement.

Nexus Sealing Solutions is an Australian owned family business. The company has its roots in South Africa where it was established in 2002. 

The word Nexus means “central link or connection” or “the working together of people”. The name of our company became our work and business philosophy, and it is how our purpose statement was developed – “working with people to engineer solutions”.


Great product inventory

A continuously updated inventory system, and our detailed cross-referencing tools, allow our Business Partners to find what they are looking for quickly and reliably. 

Great product quality

We believe that there is no place in the market for poor quality, our Business Partners will never accept it, why should we! Our promise is: “If our product is the problem – we’ll replace it at no additional cost to you”

Our product diversity and availability diversity

We continuously experience growth in our business relationships, which leads to a significant increase in product diversity and product availability . 

We provide solutions

We ask direct questions to offer straightforward answers, because “we work with people to engineer solutions”.



Building relationships that benefit and uplift ourselves and others.


Ensuring commitment and expectations are aligned through honest and open communication.


Championing ownership over all spheres of our work.


Striving to give our very best and holding ourselves accountable.

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