Allweiler 2BIC Series Triple Screw Pumps

  • A truly affordable triple screw selection
  • Excellent for clean, lubricating fluids
  • Six displacements across three frame sizes

The 2BIC series pump is suitable for operation on clean lubricating liquid and is especially well-suited for low pressure lubrication services. Typical applications are found on rotating machinery and other equipment here forced oil flow is required.

The 2BIC series is available in six displacements across three frame sizes. The pump case and covers are aluminum.

The 2BIC series three-screw pump delivers the benefits that matter  most to OEM’s: quiet operation, long service life, low pressure ripple and maximum energy savings, resulting in the highest “Total Savings of Ownership” across the entire life cycle of your pumping equipment.


Pumps in the 2BIC series are fitted with a spring-backed lip seal. The elastomeric components are made of fluorocarbon material. The ball bearing is located within the pumped liquid and receives constant  lubrication and cooling via the pumped fluid. Inlet and outlet ports are per ISO6162-1 Type 1 (SAE Code 61) and are rotatable in 90° increments. The pump mounting flange is designed to couple directly with an IEC “FF” motor face flange.


  • Casing/Motor Housing – Aluminium Alloy
  • Power Rotor – Ductile Iron
  • Idler Rotor – Ductile Iron
  • O-Rings – Fluorocarbon
  • Seal and Bearing – Lip type fluorocarbon shaft seal.  Open, product lubricating ball bearings.
  • Mounting – Face flange only.
  • Drive – Direct
Outlet PressureTo 12 Bar (175 psi-g) – not to exceed 11 Bar differential (160 psi-g)
Inlet Pressure1.72 Bar (25 psi-g)
Viscosity2 cst minimum to 216 cst maximum
Temperature-18 degreec C to 82 degrees C
SpeedTo 3600 rpm
DriveDirect Only
RotationClockwise facigng pump driveshaft
MountingFace flange only.  Pump is designed with a female shaftand issuitable for flange mounting withy IEC flanged motors
Port ConnectionsISO 6162-1 Type 1 drilled and tapped for metric bolting;Inlet head is rotatable in 90 degree incraments
Filtration60 mesh recomended
AccessoriesAvailable with or without electric motor and SAE port fittings