Allweiler Centrifugal – Thermal Oil and Hot Water (NIT, NTT, NTWH, NBWH, NIWH, CTWH & CIWH)

  • Stocked Locally
  • High Quality
  • Utilised extensively throughout the world
  • Wear parts easily accessed and replaced

Allweiler Centrifugal Pumps – Heat Transfer

Allweiler’s extensive range of Hot Oil Pumps are a stand-out for quality and ease of service.  Used extensively for heat carrier applications, commercial ovens, and heat transfer applications their simple design, and reliable operation make them the sensible choice for challenging environments.  The range also caters for hot water and hot chemical transfer applications.

The Heat Transfer and ALLHEAT range includes the models of NIT, NTT, NTWH, NBWH, NIWH, CTWH & CIWH.

More than 100,000 thermal oil pumps have been built and commissioned during the last fifteen years. Today, ALLWEILER commands 25 % of the global market, making it one of the major players in the industry. ALLWEILER Thermal Oil Pumps are in operation in virtually every industrialized country of the world.

  • Available in an extensive range/capacities
  • Hardy construction and easy to service
  • High quality mechanical seals available in a range of mediums

Performance Specifications

Flow RateUp to 2,300 m3/hr
PressureUp to 25 Bar (360 psi)
TemperatureUp to 400 Degrees Celsius
FluidsHot Water and Thermal Oil

Used extensively in heat carrier applications, commercial ovens, laundries as well as hot chemical applications.