Allweiler Triple Screw – AFI Series ALLFUEL (Replaces SPF)

  • Used for pumping various Fuel commonly on ships or vessels.
  • Highly reliable (Can opperate for many years with hardly any maintenance)
  • Triple screw gives low pulsations and low wear
  • Pumps come with the option of a filter
  • Various sizes available
  • Compact space saving design

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For the delivery of fuel oils, lube oils, hydraulic oils or other lubricating liquids.

The fluid media must not contain any abrasive particles nor attack the pump materials chemically.
These AFI pumps replace the old SPF pumps.

ALLFUEL Injection (AFI) pumps are employed as transfer, booster and burner operation pumps in oil-fired systems,as feeder and filling pumps in tank systems and as lube-oil pumps in virtually all areas of industry. They are also used to generate pressure in oil-hydraulic systems of all types. They are commonly used on vessels are fuel oil pump due to their excellent reliability, compact design and low maintenance requirements.

Structural design
Internal-bearing, three-screw, self-priming screw pump. Hardened and polished spindles run in an exchangeable casing insert. The drive spindle is hydraulically balanced. A special starting screw absorbs the axial thrust of the idler screws. It is hydraulically driven. Only the torque resulting from liquid friction is transferred to the thread flanks. The thread flanks are therefore virtually free of loads and are not subject to wear. The pumped liquid lubricates all sliding parts and can be categorized as full fluid friction. In sizes 10 and 20 a balancing piston running in the bearing ring provides radial and axial bearing of the drive spindle; in size 40 a groove ball bearing fulfils this role. A maintenance-free mechanical seal seals the shaft. A return bore connects the seal
chamber and the suction area to each other. As a result, only suction pressure acts on the shaft seal, regardless of discharge pressure. When a complete pump/motor
assembly is delivered, a pump bracket connects the pump to the drive motor.

Pumps can come with filters in single or twin unit design.

Capacity: up to 112 l/min
Suction pressure: up to 5 bar
Discharge pressure: up to 40 bar
Liquid temperature: up to 150 °C
Viscosity range: 3 up to 750 mm /s
Fluid Temperature: up to 150 deg C
Speed: up to 3500 rpm