IMO AB 3 Screw – Medium/High Pressure Pumps (E4, D4, D6)

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Performance: 10-850L/min. Max 160 Bar.

Positive constant displacement, rotary, three screw pump. Flow rate per revolution 9.8 – 425 cm3 in 14 steps. The three screws, the central driven screw – the power rotor – which meshes with the two sealing screws – the idler rotors – the only rotating components of the pump, are hydrodynamically journalled in the pump housing. The axial pressure and friction loads on the pump rotors are hydraulically balanced. The power rotor is positioned axially by a ballbearing which operates at principally no axial load due to the hydraulic balancing of the rotor axial forces.

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10-1050L/min. Max 160 Bar.

The D4 pumps are used for a number of different fluids: Lube oil, hydraulic oil, diesel & fuel oil and any non-aggressive fluid with sufficient lubricating properties. Typical applications are: – Fuel oil burner pumps for steam boilers (at paper mills, marine boilers, power plants) – Circulation of fuel oil – Lubrication oil systems – Power hydraulic pumps for milling plants – Filling pumps for hydraulic presses – Seal oil pumps for compressors.

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Performance: 100-900L/min.  Max 250 Bar.

The IMO D6 pump is a positive constant displacement rotary three screw pump designed for high pressure and high flow in applications for lubricating oils, hydrauIic fluids, fuel oils and fluids with similar lubricating properties. The IMO pump has only three moving parts – three intermeshing screws. It has no gears, valves or vanes. It is the simplicity of the design that makes it so reliable and efficient. The exactIy calculated curve of the screw thread eliminates puIsation and ensures quiet running. The IMO pump is self-priming even under high suction lift conditions. D6 Features • High discharge pressure up to 25 MPa (250 bar) • Flow range 100-900 l/min • Wide viscosity range • Low noise level • Flange- or foot mounting • Available in 10 displacement steps • Designed for as well lubricating and hydraulic oils as fuel oils • Available in design to meet API requirements • High suction lift capacity • Pulsation free flow

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