Ritz Centrifugal SD 38

  • Strong, Sturdy Design
  • Separate Wear Components
  • Quality Materials

Ritz 38 Series

The Ritz 38 Series is a well constructed, end suction centrifugal pump for use in the waste water industry.  It’s side channel design allows it to handle low to high viscosity fluids with suspended solids and sludges.  It’s maintenance friendly back pull-out design incorporates separate wear components not only making refurbishments quick and easy but also extends the working life of the pump.

  • Available in Mechanical Seal or Packed Gland
  • Materials include Grey cast iron, bronze, spheroidal cast iron and stainless steel.
  • Impeller options include single-channel impeller, two-channel impeller or vortex impeller.

Performance Specifications:

FlowUp to 1400 m3/hr
Discharge PressureUp to 15 Bar
TemperatureFrom -20 to +140 Degrees Celsius
RPMUp to 3600