RITZ – HPM Heavy Duty High Pressure Pump for Mining Applications (NEW!!)

This New Heavy duty Ritz HPM pump is specifically designed for high pressure mine dewatering applications.

This product is designed based on years of Ritz experience with mine dewatering applications from all around the world.  This new design brings together the best solution for low maintenance, high pressure mine dewatering applications!

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Often in Australia Mono style PC pumps are commonly used for mine dewatering.  The main issues with using PC pumps for mine dewatering are:

  • PC Pumps have to be very long to accommodate the high pressures required to bring the water to the surface of the mine – this requires a lot of space!
  • PC Pumps have low flow rates when compared to centrifugal pumps. One Ritz HPM pump can do the job of multiple PC pumps so that mines can be dewatered in the wettest conditions.
  • PC pumps use rubber stators that wear quickly creating huge ongoing maintenance costs. HPM pumps are 100% axially balanced and have inexpensive replaceable wear parts that protect all important components.
  • PC pumps in many cases operate at close to their pressure limits of approximately 48 Bar (lowest design life). Ritz HPM pumps are designed for extreme duty and operate up to 160 Bar (1600m head!)

– Zero Axial Thrust!!! – The double suction high pressure pump in back to back design compensates axial thrust without using a balance piston! Standard mine dewatering centrifugal pumps use balance pistons which are notorious for maintenance issues as grit, sand and dirt get between the surfaces and cause higher maintenance costs.

– Excellent efficiency of more than 83%! Ritz HPM series brings in the highest efficiency possible with modern technology.
– Easy to maintain (no special tools required.)
– Various bearing options
– Shaft seal by adjustable gland packing (easy maintenance) – Other seal options available if required.
– All important components are protected by wear parts

Flow Rate: To 1300 m3/hr
Differential Head: to 1300m
Discharge Pressure: to 160 Bar
Temperature: to 80 deg C
Speed: to 1800 rpm
Power: to 5000 kW