Reliable Lube Oil Supply

The ALLUB® NSSV is a proven, reliable solution for lubricating hydrodynamic plain bearings in large rotating equipment. This requires lubricating oil pumps that can be relied upon to provide long service life with minimal maintenance. The ALLUB® series is specially designed for vertical installation in lube oil tanks. It is the key to reliable lube oil supply for steam and gas turbines, large generators, compressors and gearboxes. It is also the optimal choice for supplying hydrogen-cooled generators with seal oil.

The centrifugal pump is based on efficient standard hydraulic components according to DIN EN 733 and consists of a connection piece with bearing and a tank mounting plate with piping and motor lantern. Depending on the requirements, the pump can be supplied as a main lube oil pump or as an emergency lube oil pump with AC or DC motor.

Specifically designed and field proven for lube oil applications

Long life with minimal maintenance

Customization of pump designs