Efficient Heat Circulation for Industrial Excellence

The NTT pump family is used in heat transfer systems to circulate organic heat transfer oils (also called thermal oil) up to 350°C to efficiently transport centrally generated heat to its heat consumers. The centrifugal pumps offer an optimal combination of safety, efficiency and durable design to meet the requirements of demanding industrial processes.

NTT centrifugal pumps feature a robust, application-optimized design. The proven design solution offers our customers high operational reliability at comparatively low investment costs. This means you can rely on reliable pump technology that delivers high performance even under the most demanding conditions.

Key Advantages

  • Reliable & Safe
    Tens of thousands of proven bearing and sealing concept for heat transfer oils
  • Cost-Efficient
    Thanks to simple design principle
  • Versatility
    3 types of construction (base plate, block, inline) for optimum installation in the system