Unleash Efficiency with the 2nd Gen Oil Transfer Pumps

The 2nd generation of the Allweiler ALLFUEL® series was designed specifically for the efficient transfer of fuel oil, lubricating oil, and hydraulic oil. The ALLFUEL® three-screw pumps are recognized worldwide for their reliability as transfer, booster, and burner pumps in oil firing technology, fuel systems for marine vessels, as well as transfer and filling pumps in tank farms and lube oil pumps throughout all industrial sectors, operating at pressures up to 40 bar.

Their versatility and performance make three-screw pumps the optimal choice for demanding applications, such as pumping low-sulfur marine fuels or marine diesel (MGO). The ALLFUEL®  series offers various designs, including models with either mechanical seal or magnetic drive for maximum safety. Regardless of the version you select, you can count on constant and secure pumping of your media.

Key Advantages

Fast Maintenance

Only one third of the time thanks to easy (dis)assembly of the pump insert

Long Service Life

External bearing, wear-protected SiC/SiC mechanical seal or magnetic coupling, patented new hydraulic system with inverted comb bearing and integrated thrust compensation 

High Efficiency

Even with demanding, low-viscosity fuels such as low-sulfur MGO


Fits into most housings of the old SPF or ALLFUEL series