Reliable Lubrication with High Performance

The RUV three-screw pump of the ALLUB® series is designed to provide consistent and reliable lubrication and hydraulic oil supply in industrial and power generation applications. The RUV’s unique features, such as hydraulically balanced spindles and virtually pulsation-free delivery, minimize wear and extend the life of your equipment. Media-lubricated bearings and the elimination of shaft seals ensure long-term, maintenance-free operation. Our ALLUB® RUV three-screw pumps offer a wide range of models and configurations to meet the specific needs of your lubrication or hydraulic oil system.

Key Advantages

Long-Term Maintenance-Free Operation

Due to media-lubricated bearing and elimination of shaft seal

Customizable Installation Options

Vertical with suction piping, pump bracket or shaft extension

Smooth, Low-Pulsation Pumping

With extreme durability and high efficiency