A Landmark in Pump Engineering

The TRITEC® self-priming three-screw pump allows screw pump technology to penetrate areas previously considered unattainable: Use with low-viscosity, non-lubricating and/or abrasive liquids.

The list of TRITEC® advantages over conventional technologies is long: High efficiency and easy process control thanks to a stiff characteristic curve. Long maintenance intervals thanks to high wear resistance. Extremely low pulsation level as well as airborne and structure-borne noise emissions. Minimum space requirement and low weight. This makes TRITEC® a problem solver in process, energy, water, marine and offshore technology.

Key Advantages

Variety of Fluids

Works with non-lubricating, abrasive, or corrosive media

High Wear Resistance

Due to various ceramic elements

Extremely Low Pulsation Level

& airborne and structure-borne noise emissions


Superior in Non-Lubricating, Abrasive, or Corrosive Media

TRITEC® show its strengths when other three-screw pumps lack capabilities: For non-lubricating, abrasive or corrosive fluids such as water, demineralized water, seawater, acidic liquids or low-viscosity oils. Whether it’s the wear resistance and low pulsation of centrifugal pumps or the high efficiency and good controllability of oscillating positive displacement pumps, TRITEC® combines all the advantages along with gentle liquid transport without squeezing, turbulence or centrifugation and with minimal installation space in just one solution.