High Heating Power without Hot Surfaces

HOUTTUIN’s non-contact, friction-based screw friction heating pumps are extremely versatile and can operate at temperatures up to 400°C. Our horizontal or vertical heating pumps provide a robust solution for simultaneous heating and pumping of fluids in one compact unit. They avoid hot surfaces and use hydraulic friction to efficiently heat the fluid. An impressive heating capacity of up to 2000 kW per pump is possible, and multiple heating pumps can be operated in parallel. With an innovative self-cleaning feature, our heating pumps minimize the risk of clogging and there are no heat exchanger surfaces to foul.

Key Advantages

  • Any Liquid
  • Any Viscosity
  • Low NPSH-Requirements
  • Excellent Efficiency

Efficient Heat Production in Heating Pump Applications

Portrait of young businesswoman working with ball valves in factoryHOUTTUIN twin-screw pumps are a popular solution for heat generation in heating pump applications. Thanks to their innovative design, these pumps enable extremely efficient heat generation in thermal processes. The unique screw profile ensures a continuous and uniform heat transfer, optimally adapted to your requirements.

The twin-screws and their precise fit provide smooth and efficient heat transfer regardless of the temperature and viscosity of the fluid. This ensures smooth heat transfer without temperature fluctuations, while maintaining the quality and integrity of the fluid being transferred. The heat pump is usually equipped with an electric drive (e-motor) to help reduce the carbon footprint, but other drive types are available.