Leak-Free Performance Up To 16 Bar

Made in Europe & Asia

The IMO Mag Drive Line is a good choice if you want to go for a leak- and trouble-free operation. Innovative technology featuring magnetic couplings drastically reduces wear as well as making oil leakage history. The three-screw technology provides smooth, low pulsation pumping while offering extreme durability compared to other pump technologies.

The special design of the screws creates sealed chambers that precisely direct the liquid flow from the suction to the discharge side. Typical applications include the lubrication of machinery such as diesel engines, gearboxes, turbines or paper machines, as well as the supply, transfer or circulation of fuels in tank farms or for diesel engines, separators or burners.

Consistent & Low Pulsation

with extreme durability and high efficiency


Oil leaks are gone, and you’re left with reliable, worry-free performance

Extreme Duty

The optimal solution for heavy fuel oil or low sulphur fuel oil

Easy Upgrade

Drop-in replacement with your current IMO pump


Keep Engine Rooms Clean & Save Money

image of a machine roomWith the IMO OptiLine series, there is no shaft extending into the external environment at all. Instead the power from the motor is transmitted via permanent magnets leaving the pumping chamber completely sealed off. The absence of mechanical seals means no leakage. There is no need for cleaning engine rooms of oil from shaft seal lubrication or for replacing worn out seals. Once installed, the IMO OptiLine pump will keep pumping for years with practically no associated costs.

Ready For The Future

OptiLine pumps meet requirements for fuel oils regarding low viscosity (down to 1.4 cSt) according to ISO 8217:2005 and low sulfur (0.1%) as stated in EU/SECA 2005-33-EC. All while maintaining the same high efficiency.