Unleashed Performance for Applications up to 16 bar

Made in Europe & Asia

The IMO Low Pressure Line is a good choice for fluids such as lube or hydraulic oils and fuel oils at pressures up to 16 bar. The three-screw technology provides smooth, low pulsation pumping while offering extreme durability compared to other pump technologies. The special design of the screws creates sealed chambers that precisely direct the liquid flow from the suction to the discharge side.

The IMO Low Pressure Line combines technical sophistication with practical accessibility to provide a breakthrough solution for industrial or marine applications. Typical applications include the lubrication of machinery such as diesel engines, gearboxes, turbines, or paper machines, as well as the supply, transfer or circulation of fuels in tank farms or for diesel engines, separators or burners.

Key Advantages

Consistent & Low Pulsation Pumping

with extreme durability and high efficiency

Proven Technology

Optimized over many generations to meet the highest demands

Versatile Use for Lube & Fuel Oils

Industrial and maritime applications