PEMO Slurry pumps can be broken down into the below Slurry pump categories:

Vertical Column Type pumps – The slurry pump is submerged in the slurry with the motor on top outside of the liquid. Click here for more info.

Horizonal Single Stage Slurry Pumps – This most common type of slurry pump and these come in a variety of material and sizes. Click here for more info.

Horizontal multistage / double casing slurry pumps – These heavy duty pumps are designed for higher pressures to up 210m head. Click here for more info.

Submersible Slurry Pumps – The pump and motor assembly is completely submersed in the slurry. Click here for more info.


PEMO Slurry pumps separate themselves away from the competition by with the following:

  1. Sizing and speed of the pump is selected for each application carefully to ensure maximum life for the pump and components even when extremely abrasive particles and/or aggressive chemicals are pumped.
  2. Seal area is in the located in the low pressure side of the pump ensuring maximum seal reliability and long service life is maintained!
  3. Seal area has clean water lubricating the seal faces in a range various seal systems to ensure the seal keep on going even in harsh pump conditions!
  4. Materials of the pump are extremely hard and wear resistant to ensure minimum wear on all pump components and maximum life in the most harsh conditions.
  5. Spare parts availability and price!  Spare parts are kept on the shelf and at very competitive prices to ensure that there is no reason not to choose a PEMO as your next slurry pump!

See Additional Information section for more pdf and video files on the PEMO pump range.