Allweiler Propeller Pumps

  • High Flow, Low Head
  • High Quality
  • Aggressive, Pure or Contaminated Liquids
  • Utilised extensively throughout the world
  • Low Noise Emmission

Propeller Pumps

Propeller pumps are used to pump relatively high volumes of liquid at low pressures.  The Allweiler Propeller pumps are capable of handling neutral or aggressive liquids, pure or contaminated liquids, cold or  hot liquids.  Used extensively in sewage and waste water handling applications for low height transfer or for recirculation.

  • High Flow, Low Head.
  • High quality construction including life time grease lubricated bearings as standard.
  • Able to handle aggressive, pure or contaminated liquids.
  • Utilised extensively throughout the world and renowned for outstanding efficiency.
  • Low Noise Emission.

Operating Specifications

Flow (m3/hr)35,00035,000300 – 1,300
Delivery Head (m)91.510 – 20
Discharge Head (Bar)6*2.5
Temperature (Degrees Celsius)20010040

*PT are recirculating pumps