Decades of Reliability, Efficiency, and Versatility

ALLWEILER’s SN&SM Series three-screw pumps offer decades of optimized reliability, efficiency and adaptability. The self-priming pump features hardened and polished spindles which are running in a replaceable liner. It offers a wide range of variants and applications thanks to a flexible modular system.

Hydraulic drive of the drive screws and full hydrostatic compensation of the axial thrust ensures reliable performance. The drive screw is supported either by a fluid-lubricated or by an external grease-lubricated bearing. Whether in the industrial, power, oil and gas, or maritime sectors, SN&SM Series three-screw pumps are the ideal choice for demanding applications.

Key Advantages

Modular System

Customized pumps for your application

Long Service Life

Hardened spindles and a variety of coating options

Easy Maintenance & Customization

With interchangeable liner