This BundGuard® ORS has a special latching relay triggered by a dual position float switch, housed in the dual pump support unit, the COMBINATION of the upper float position, and Hi-Oil Alarm produces the signal for the upper oil pump to operate.  The maximum level of oil allowed in the sump is 90mm, the oil pump will begin to remove oil until the lower float switch is activated, at which point the oil pump will STOP.  A timer module is used to delay the Hi- Oil Alarm, to the BMS, the delay, simply allows the oil pump time to remove the excessive oil from the sump.  The timer can be set by the user – seconds, minutes, and hours with the factory default being 30 seconds


The Non-Return Valve is in the neck of the OIL pump and it prevents excess oil returning to the sump.

The lower pump operates independently removing any excessive water from the sump, performing its normal oil discriminating duties, thus maintaining the required 110% capacity of the bund, and in both cases, will send an appropriate alarm onward.

An external float switch is attached to a vessel which will be
receiving the excess oil from the oil pump. If the float switch activates, it will instantly disable the oil pump, and in turn the control panel sends a simultaneous alarm to a SCS/IO or BMS, or Scada.

If all of the available alarms are connected, the IBC FULL alert confirms the Oil Capture Vessel is full, and should be attended to at the earliest convenience.