Leak Detection – FlowStop

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FlowStop is ideal for residential properties and because it can monitor and manage up to two mains
supplies, it is also the perfect solution for those properties with both a hot and cold mains supply such
as residential apartments, student accommodation, hotel rooms, offices and other commercial units.

The FlowStop system includes a sleek, discreet wall-mounted control unit and up to two FlowStop
valves. Pipe fittings fully WRAS approved.

The control unit can be located in any convenient place, in a cupboard or mounted on the wall near the valve/s, the sleek design is a double-gang faceplate that blends into any decor. A range of optional leak detection sensors are available to be connected to the control unit for additional coverage.

Andel FlowStop Valve/s:
• Freeze Protection: Turns the water OFF if the temperature falls below 1-5°C (user adjustable).

• Time Out Protection: Turns the water OFF if water has been running for more than 10-60 minutes (user adjustable).

• Excess Flow Protection: Turns the water OFF if the system senses that there has been a burst pipe or there is an abnormal flow of water between 10 and 40 litres per minute (user adjustable).

• 24-hour Non-use Protection: Turns the water OFF if no water has been used for 24 hours.

Andel FlowStop Control Unit:
• Discreet design double-gang faceplate featuring 2-digit LED number display, red LED
warning light and 4 navigation buttons. Can be surface mounted or flush mounted using a
standard double gang back box / dry lining box.

• Reset button resets the system following activation and allows water to flow again.
• Override feature turns the monitoring off to allow for prolonged water use such as
watering the garden.

• Additional leak detection sensors can be added to detect leaks in vulnerable areas such
as under washing machines and dishwashers as well as in bathrooms and toilets (optional).

• Output: Volt-free relay contact rated 30V @ 1A per input.


Andel FlowStop valve is available in UK and EU – 22mm size. Adaptors can be used to fit other pipe sizes.

Mains 240V or battery operated (long life 1-year battery).

Control Unit: Moulded ABS.

Valve/Flow Meter Assembly : Moulded ABS.

Control Unit: W145mm x H85mm x D9mm.
Valve/Flow Meter Assembly : W95mm x H85mm x D60mm
Total Width including threaded fittings: 145mm

• Max working pressure 10 bar.
• Min operating pressure 1 bar.
• Working temperature 4-80°C.
• Can handle 2no inputs and control up to 3no