High Performance for High Pressure Applications

The VH three-screw pump is an excellent choice for hydraulic applications. Combining the unique advantages of our screw pump technology with the high-pressure performance of the VH pump makes it a key component for efficiency and performance in hydraulic systems.

Applications are many and varied: Hydraulic pumps for high-pressure presses and lifting platforms, for lifting turbine rotors during start-up, as well as in lube or seal oil applications; in mobile hydraulics for lock gate operation or crane systems; in marine hydraulics for cargo hatches, actuation, crane or winch systems; in combustion technology as injection pumps or in crude oil production as transfer pumps.

Key Advantages

High Pressure

Up to 280 Bar


Consistent & Low Pulsation Pumping

With extreme durability and high efficiency

Powering High-Pressure Hydraulics

Allweiler’s VH three-screw pump is ideally suited for hydraulic applications and can handle pressures up to 280 bar. It ensures reliable fluid delivery in the high-pressure range.