Improved Oil Production & Controlled Pressure

Our multiphase pumps are an excellent solution for the demanding requirements of the oil and gas industry under changing operating conditions. These compact, rugged pumps are designed for stand-alone operation in remote oil fields. The housings are rated for pressures up to 150 barg (900#). They can pump up to 97% gas continuously and switch from 100% liquid to 100% gas in seconds in slug flow mode.

An outstanding feature of HOUTTUIN MPPs is their wide speed range. This unique feature allows the operator to adjust liquid and gas flow as needed to ensure precise control of pipeline and wellhead pressures. Regardless of the selected speed and gas content, these pumps will always deliver the required pressure.

Key Advantages

  • Any Liquid
  • Any Viscosity
  • Low NPSH-Requirements
  • Excellent Efficiency


Demanding Requirements in Remote Oil Fields

An oilfield worker safety hardhat or helmet is placed at onshore drilling rig site with blurred background of derrick structure. Ready to working in challenge industrial concept. Selective focus.

Operating in remote oil fields requires adaptability and reliability. Not only are they rugged, but they are also capable of seamlessly integrating pumping and compression operations to meet dynamic requirements. A remarkable capability of MPPs is to handle the transition from liquid to gas flows almost effortlessly – in seconds or minutes. This impressive speed and flexibility make them the ideal choice for environments where up to 95% gas is required.