Fluid Specialists for the Chemical & Refining Industry

HOUTTUIN twin-screw pumps are suitable for the requirements of the chemical and refinery industries. Thanks to the modular design of the pumps, the twin screw pumps and the process system can be optimally adapted to the specific and demanding requirements. The result is a simple system that can handle any liquid, pressure and temperature with the right pump.

Multiple customization options for optimal results: These pumps offer the flexibility to use different seals, have heated jackets (up to 400°C), are CIP-capable and, of course, self-priming. Their versatility, modular design and adaptability to a wide range of conditions make them a popular solution to the many challenges faced by these industries.

Key Advantages

  • Any Liquid
  • Any Viscosity
  • Low NPSH-Requirements
  • Excellent Efficiency


Reliable Performance for Process Applications

coal power station and night blue skyHOUTTUIN Twin-Screw Pumps are designed for the smooth transfer of liquids in process applications. Thanks to their unique screw profile, these pumps ensure continuous and uniform liquid transfer. Due to their precise fit, the twin screws allow smooth and efficient transfer of liquids regardless of their viscosity. This ensures reliable fluid flow without pressure surges to maintain the quality and integrity of the fluids being pumped.