Double Power for Superior Transfer

HOUTTUIN twin-screw pumps offer a wide range of standardized pump designs for loading, unloading, stripping, pipeline transport and injection applications for various fluids. These pumps are specially optimized for dry running, stripping and self-priming to ensure low NPSH requirements. In addition, low, medium and high pressure versions are available and the pumps are available for CIP. With a rugged, easy-to-maintain design that includes heating jackets for hot, viscous liquids such as bitumen, these pumps are ideal for pumping liquids in loading and tank farm applications.

Key Advantages

  • Any Liquid
  • Any Viscosity
  • Low NPSH-Requirements
  • Excellent Efficiency

Efficient Transfer of Liquids in Transfer Applications

Oil drums in a port

HOUTTUIN twin-screw pumps are designed for the smooth transfer of liquids in transfer applications. Thanks to their unique screw profile, these pumps ensure a continuous and uniform transfer of liquids. The twin screws and their precise fit enable smooth and efficient liquid transfer regardless of the viscosity of the liquid. This ensures smooth flow without pressure surges, maintaining the quality and integrity of the fluids being pumped.