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Discover the 9000 series metering pumps, designed to deliver accurate and repeatable flow of metering additives, colorants, hydrogen fuel cell MEA gasketing sealant and adhesive application, or chemicals in a compact and efficient design. These pumps are suitable for a wide range of fluids, including those that are abrasive or have poor lubrication. With their exceptional performance, the 9000 series metering pumps are used in various industries worldwide, including food and beverage, chemical, fiber, pharmaceutical, and paint facilities.

In addition to their precision and reliability, the C-9000 pumps are available with a magnetic drive (mag-drive) sealing option. This innovative feature eliminates shaft leakage of fluids, improving plant safety while reducing VOC emissions and seal failures. With the magnetic coupling feature, excessive mechanical seal failures and the need for buffer fluids are eliminated, resulting in less downtime and improved operational efficiency. Choose the 9000 series metering pumps with mag-drive sealing for a safe, reliable, and hassle-free pumping solution.


Zenith C9000 Series Precision Metering Gear Pump

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