Revolutionize Your Fluid Metering with Zenith 9000MD Gear Pump

MFG in Monroe, NC USA

For nearly a century, Zenith Pumps has been setting the standard for innovative gear metering pump designs, consistently used in the most critical fluid metering applications. The 9000MD is a testament to Zenith’s commitment to providing quality products and services that meet today’s rigorous demands.

This pump offers a range of features that eliminate the common challenges faced in fluid metering. The elimination of shaft seal leakage and wear, the need for double seals and buffer liquids, and the corrosion-resistant construction, make the 9000MD a safe and efficient option for metering even the most dangerous fluids.

The 9000MD uses a permanent magnetic coupling to transmit torque, which eliminates the need for mechanical and compression type dynamic seals. The pump head is coupled with NEMA 56C/140TC framed motors, making it easy to remove the motor from the pump housing.

Zenith’s magnetically coupled pump designs also include the B-, C-, and H-9000 models, constructed from hardened 400 series SS, 316 SS/compatible materials, and tool steel respectively. This new seal design can be retrofitted to any existing 9000 series pump, making it a versatile option for a wide range of fluid metering applications.

Upgrade your fluid metering operations with Zenith 9000MD Gear Pump. Say goodbye to shaft leakage, excessive mechanical seal failures, and buffer fluids, and enjoy increased plant safety and reduced VOC emissions.


ZENITH 9000MD Mag-Coupled Gear Pump

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