Ritz Archimedian Screw

  • Clean or Heavily Contaminated Liquids
  • Variable Flow
  • Low Maintenace
  • High Efficiency

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The simple technology of the Archimedean Screw stretches back hundreds of years and is still proving today to be an efficient, economical and safe way of pumping large volumes at fixed heads.  The large passages allow the fluid to move freely with little shear, and permits the pump to manage solid laden material without the danger of blockages.  The Archimedean Screw is commonly used in the handling of municipal sewage, return sludge and rainwater/floodwater management.


DID YOU KNOW… Ritz-Atro also produces hydrodynamic screws which are used for the production of electricity.  The same technology working in reverse allows the natural flow of a stream to rotate the auger and produce power at very high efficiencies, and at relatively low heads.

  • Simply, proven design requiring only basic maintenance.
  • Very high efficiency.
  • Very economical.
  • Available for install with insitu concrete troughs or steel plate troughs.
  • Two or three gang spiral for optimum performance and  efficiency.

Performance Specifications:

FlowUp to 19,800 m3/hr
HeadUp to 10 meters
TemperatureUp to 60 degrees Celsius
RPMUp to 100 rpm